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November 26, 2014

The Return of the Sunshine

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I am publishing this post simply to note that, though I have not posted to this blog for quite a while, I intend to do so more often. Part of the reason that no posts have recently appeared is that I have been posting solar articles on other blogs, bypassing this one. The following are the titles, publications and links for articles pertaining to solar that were written by me but not previously posted here.

“Building Renewable Energy in the Developing World, Brick by BRICS” — Published 8/14/14 on Renewable Energy World — http://www.renewableenergyworld.com/rea/news/article/2014/08/building-renewable-energy-in-the-developing-world-brick-by-brics

“The Challenge of Integration: The New York Solar Summit Sheds Light on Solar in the State” — Published 6/12/14 on PV Solar Report for Sunible, Inc. — http://www.pvsolarreport.com/challenge-of-integration-at-new-york-solar-summit

“Happy Diamond Anniversary to the Solar Cell!” — Published 4/25/14 on Suniblog for Sunible, Inc. — http://sunible.com/blog/happy-diamond-anniversary-to-the-solar-cell

“Money from the Sun” – Published 3/1/14 on The Energy Collectivehttp://theenergycollective.com/dylanexpert/348016/money-sun

“Isn’t Solar Romantic?” — Published 2/14/14 on Suniblog for Sunible, Inc. – http://sunible.com/blog/isnt-solar-romantic



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